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Fresh Grants Make Edinburgh Fringe Possible For Local Artists

Fresh Grants Make Edinburgh Fringe Possible For Local Artists

Funding and a new award from Arts South Australia are now available to local artists to facilitate the costly process of performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Arts South Australia are offering grants and awards to artists planning to participate in the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe in August as part the second year of its Made in Adelaide program. Top up grants of $2,000 will be available for sole artists, and grants of $5,000 will be available for artists performing in a group.

Additionally, for the first time The Made in Adelaide award will allow an artist to be eligible to win $10,000 to offset the costs of travelling to the Edinburgh Fringe. A panel of arts industry leaders will be judge artists based on demonstrated quality, creativity and ambition. As well as award money, winners will receive marketing support through the Made in Adelaide program guide and website.

The grants have been devised to further support the Made in Adelaide program’s presence in Edinburgh. The Made in Adelaide program was introduced by Arts South Australia in August 2016, supporting to local artists by increasing their profiles and aiding the achievement of professional incomes inside and outside of the Fringe.

Regardless of the grant outcome, artists are able to access the Made in Adelaide branding and marketing and take part in activities that will include networking, business and development opportunities for artists with producers, directors, other artists, government and business people.

Made in Adelaide is designed to showcase a variety of talent from Adelaide to an international audience. Minister for the Arts Jack Snelling said in a release of the program: “Made in Adelaide made a real splash in Edinburgh last year, both in exporting local talent and in further strengthening our reputation as the best festival city in the nation.”

The physical presence of Arts South Australia at the Edinburgh Fringe will again be tied its Adelaide-themed pergola at Summerhall, a major Fringe performance hub at the Edinburgh Fringe.

More than 90 artists, presenters, producers, home companies and festival directors were associated with the inaugural Made in Adelaide brand in Edinburgh in 2016, emphasising the connection between the two fringe festivals. Snelling stressed this connection, stating: ”This year is about consolidating and deepening those ties, so our local arts sector continues to grow in export opportunities, and also to boost tourist numbers and the number of international artists performing in our festivals.”

Applications are currently open and will close on Monday, April 3, with applicants being notified by Friday, April 7, in time for the Edinburgh Fringe registration date of Wednesday, April 12.

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