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Bohemian Bicycle Club: A Festival on Wheels

Bohemian Bicycle Club: A Festival on Wheels

A new one-day festival is set to merge two of Adelaide’s favourite pastimes: reveling in the arts, and cycling.

“The idea is basically to take people on bicycles through the City of Adelaide to three secret locations, then at each location they will experience something new,” says Celine Bernard, organiser of brand new rolling festival, Bohemian Bicycle Club.

Bernard says that this festival is based around South Australian culture, and aims to fill a niche at the confluence between the local love for food, music and cycling.

“I’m from Belgium, and in Europe cycling is obviously a big part of our culture. When I first came to live in South Australia I noticed that people are massive fans of cycling, with the Tour Down Under, and fans of the arts, with the festivals. For me it was a nice way to combine these two aspects of South Australian life. I felt like there was something missing there, and something that could be done.”

bohemian-bicycle-club-festival-wheels-adelaide-reviewCeline Bernard says Adelaide’s dual love of the arts and cycling inspired her to create Bohemian Bicycle Club

And so it is with Bohemian Bicycle Club. Over one day, participants will move, by bike, between four different locations to experience new perspectives on the worlds of food, dance and music. People can bring their own bikes, of course, but the event will also offer bikes for hire from Treadly Bike Shop, or the opportunity to hop on one of Adelaide’s own cycling taxis from EcoCaddy.

First up, punters will head to a secret location to enjoy food from Post-Dining, the inventive catering crew who push the traditional dining envelope through their innovative, experimental dinners. Then it’s on to enjoy an interactive show from dance outfit, Ceroc, who promise to infuse attendees with an infectious French strain of “modern jive dance.” At the next spot, a Ukrainian folk band, Yellow Blue Bus, will entertain audiences with their unique story and brand of music.

“What we want to do is take people on a journey,” says Bernard of the day’s distinctive lineup. “We want them to go places they would not normally go and try things they would not normally try.”

Then once it’s all said and done, it’ll be time to party, Bernard explains.

“At the end of the day all of the groups will converge to a fourth location for a massive party, which is a more traditional take on a festival where people can enjoy live music, food from food trucks as well as boutique wine and craft beer. It’ll be a nice way to wrap up the day.”

The unique Ukrainian folk band Yellow Blue Bus perform Arkan

This is not the first time Adelaide has hosted its very own portable festivals, with Moving Music having carried out its own iterations in past years, but Bernard says she came to this concept with fresh eyes.

“I hadn’t been to any [Moving Music events], but have heard people mention it,” says Bernard. “I guess it’s a similar concept – that idea of movement and people trying something new.”

Tickets for Bohemian Bicycle Club are limited, and start at $82 for general admission, with Treadly Bike Shop rental at $40 and EcoCaddy hire at $22.50 per person.

Bohemian Bicycle Club
Saturday, June 24

Photography: Steve Williams

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