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Fringe Hacks: The secrets to finding cheap Fringe tickets

Fringe Hacks: The secrets to finding cheap Fringe tickets

The Adelaide Fringe gets bigger every year, but your wallet probably doesn’t.

Here are some tried and true Fringe hacks to help you see more without spending more this festival season.

Fringe Membership

Once known as Fringe Benefits, the $25 sign up fee opens the door to 25% discounts on many Fringe shows, plus weekly giveaways and access to the Fringe Club on certain nights. If you’ve highlighted so many events in the Fringe guide that you have to Marie Kondo your house and pawn the results, it’s worth signing up for.


Just as there is power in a union, there are Fringe discounts to be had in a group of six or more. Many Fringe shows offer discounts for groups, and although the savings per ticket aren’t enormous, when pooled together can add up to a jug or two of beer while debriefing at the pub afterwards.

How do you find these discounts? Head to the Fringe website’s search function and set the Price Types filter to ‘Group 6+’. Here, we’ve done it for you.

Take those group savings and buy a salad to laugh over (Photo: Shutterstock)

See you(r Fringe show) next Tuesday

The tradition of cheap Tuesdays is alive and well at the Fringe, with many shows dropping prices to get people out of the house on a school night. Use the ‘Cheap Tuesday’ filter as above and forget about work the next morning.

Go back to school

The rebirth of the Royal Croquet Club as RCC Fringe at the University of Adelaide means students are able to access a variety of discounts, happy hours, pre-sale offers and free concert entry. Sadly if you are not already a student it may be too late to enrol in 2019 classes, but you can take the money your future self has saved in HECS/HELP loan repayments and pay full price.

Beach House - Fourteen Nights at Sea - RCC Fringe 2019
Beach House will perform at RCC Fringe

Free shows

Without wanting to labour the point of ‘advanced search filters are your friend’, the FREE search setting is self-explanatory. There are many free events held throughout the Fringe, and while they lean towards art exhibitions and council-sponsored street parties, there are also a few concerts and performances to be found.

Sign up to HalfTIX

The Fringe website often lists last minute discounts for a variety of shows. HalfTIX shows are listed on the Adelaide Fringe website, but the best way to keep on top of new additions is to sign up to the mailing list.

Rundle Street during Fringe (Photo: Nathaniel Mason / Adelaide Fringe)

Walk around Rundle Street at 6.45pm

Who hasn’t found themselves in the East End after work or university only to have a frazzled looking circus performer thrust comp tickets in your face because there’s a reviewer coming that night and they want a full room? It’s not what we would call foolproof, but can make for an interesting night.

Eschew actual shows to soak up the ‘vibe’ by the food trucks

Look, we’ve all done it. Going to a show is much more rewarding.

Gluttony (Photo: Helen Page)

Win free tickets via our competitions page

At least we saved the self-promotion to the end. Updated regularly throughout the festival season, the Adelaide Review‘s Win tab can be also used to win free tickets all year round.

Adelaide Fringe
February 15 – March 17

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Natalie Rose, Mish Grigor and Zoe Coombs Marr’s Ich Nibber Dibber 

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