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Fringe Review: Glittergrass

Fringe Review: Glittergrass

The award winning Fringe Wives Club return with more improv, more hootenanny and a little bit more late night sass.

Fringe Wives Club’s debut show Glittery Clittery proved to be a runaway hit at last year’s Adelaide Fringe. New show Glittergrass offers up all the feminist song, dance and comedy of the original with a little more risque fun and games thanks to its later 11.55pm timeslot. Picture men from the audience being ridden as horses.

A bluegrass hootenanny of sorts, the show subverts tropes of the male-centric, country-folk music of old. This time, women are the main event in witty roleplays, cleverly-crafted ballads and dance routines that have the audience slapping knees and singing along with all the feminist vigor they can muster. Once again exceptionally performed by the Melbourne-based trio of Victoria Falconer, Rowena Hutson, and Tessa Waters, Glittergrass sees the Fringe Wives Club expanded to a five piece with newcomers Laura Frew and Sharnema Nougar.

The show jumps between songs about the importance of pockets (a popular throwback from Glittery Clittery), and the lives of forgotten female heroes whose stories are untold in Australian history. It’s empowering and entertaining, as the group works to pull down the walls of patriarchy through song and dance.

The audience are even given the chance to throw their ‘privilege’ (whatever that might be to you) into a bucket and let it go for the performance. Such clever little details make Glittergrass, Glittery Clittery and anything Fringe Wives Club a highlight of the Fringe.

The quick wit of Waters (also a comedian) is perfectly matched to Falconer’s musical direction, and they’re proud of it too – the whole crew actively taking the time to complement each other throughout the show. There’s improv, too, the team clearly enjoying their time on stage to give it their all and experiment with songs and skits.

While each member is talented in their own way, its their passion for each other’s work that makes the show particularly compelling, as each member is given a moment to shine before coming together to showcase their full collaborative force. It’s energetic, hilarious and sometimes incredibly moving, all at the same time.

Glittergrass was performed at Wonderland Spiegeltent at Gluttony on Saturday, February 23

March 1, 2
Wonderland Spiegeltent at Gluttony 

Glittery Clittery
March 1-3
Le Cascadeur at The Garden of Unearthly Delights


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