Review: The Vaudevillians

The Garden Of Unearthly Delights’ Paradiso Spiegeltent – Friday, February 14

There’s no business like show business for Dr Dan Von Dandy and his wife Kitty Witless. So when they’re dug up after nearly a century of being frozen alive in ice the first thing the drug-addled vaudeville duo do is jump right back on stage. Showcasing original songs, rudely pilfered by the likes of Madonna and Snoop Dogg over the decades, Kitty and the Doctor wail, ham and charm their way through a performance that the great Ethel Merman herself would be proud of. Fresh off a winning turn in RuPaul’s Drag Race Jinkx Monsoon’s Kitty has a deft hand for audience interaction, flawless improv skills and a goose-bump inducing belt. Matched by her on-stage husband joke for joke and note for note, the duo’s energy and repartee left the crowd mesmerised, scandalised, and frantically trying to keep up and hold on. Put simply, The Vaudevillians are a goddamn delight. Rating: **** *This review also appears on Rip It Up

Adelaide In-depth

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