Review: Killjoy – Destroy the Fantasy

Killjoy – Destroy the fantasy is a riot of musical and physical skill. It’s like being at a squat party in the early noughties with the most insanely talented of your most fringe-dwelling friends.

The show is brought to us by Laser Beanz Productions; self-described as “the long-awaited collaboration of the hearts and minds of Cat Scobie, Mahla Bird and Amy Broomstick (Bam Bam)”. Well-enabled by attentive stage hands with excellent haircuts; Scobie, Bird and Broomstick sing and dance. They perform acrobatics. They twirl and eat fire. They have a house band — two guitars, drums, keyboard and vocals; sounding something like an intersection of Hole and Anohni.

It’s an art-rock romp, a holler-back (to the ascriptions of gender, to the audience member inappropriately filming), a mutant fairy tale, and a glitter-ball. Killjoy – Destroy the Fantasy is feminism that lives in your body; anti-guilt and pro-pleasure, destroying the fantasies of normativity by replacing them a-hundred-fold with something even better.

One gets the sense that there is room for more bodies on their stage, and that you’d be guaranteed an exquisite costume if you wanted to join. Go see this joyful production to be reminded of physical and cultural possibility.

Killjoy – Destroy the Fantasy played Empyrean at Gluttony on Wednesday, 7 March and continues until March 18

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