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Food for Thought: Milk

Food for Thought: Milk

Many of our favourite meals and drinks revolve around fresh milk.

This Ultra-High-Temperature treated milk is slightly discoloured, less creamy and does not need refrigeration, a supermarket’s dream product!

On the other hand, fresh Australian milk is creamy, snow white and although has a short shelf life, it makes up for it in pure unadulterated flavour. The only questions is – how much are we willing to pay per litre to keep fresh milk on our supermarket shelves?

Paying $1 per litre for milk seems attractive for us at home in this challenging economic climate, but it is placing unprecedented strain on the Australian dairy industry. This unsustainable price will push more and more farmers out of the industry, looking for alternative sources of income. The result will be a milk shortage followed by our only left alternative, UHT milk.

Fresh buttermilk, goat’s milk, low fat and even milk designed to lower cholesterol provides us with endless inspiration in the kitchen. Goat’s milk ice cream can be made with your favourtie ice cream recipe replacing the milk for goat milk. Buttermilk produces the best sour, yet creamy versions, of traditional desserts: panna cotta, pancakes and even the humble muffin. When considering uses for fresh milk the possibilities are endless!

When next at the supermarket, consider the long-term value of a litre of milk and show your support to the Australian dairy industry by simply paying a sustainable price for a litre of milk.


Ingredients 1 cup pouring cream 1 ½ cups buttermilk 80g sugar 1 vanilla bean split 4 gold leaf gelatin leaves

Method Heat the cream, sugar and vanilla pod over a low heat. Soak gelatin leaves in cold water until soft and squeeze out excess water. Remove the cream mixture from the heat just before the boil and add the buttermilk and soaked gelatin leaves, stirring until the gelatin has disappeared. Strain the mixture through a fine sieve and pour into your desired moulds. Serve with your favorite fresh fruit or fruit compote.



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