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Adelaide's dining scene embraces takeaway as long COVID-19 restaurant shutdown sets in

Parwana Afghan Kitchen
Sia Duff

Dining out has been struck off the menu as the latest round of COVID-19 restrictions forces Australian cafes and restaurants to close their dining spaces. But in the fallout, many of your favourite restaurants are reinventing themselves as humble takeaway joints.

The last week has been one of extremes for Adelaide’s hospitality scene. We saw a flurry of activity in some corners as businesses reinvented their whole business models and spaces in a day to work within the latest ‘social distancing’ rules. Others drew do a standstill, unable to keep going with reduced patronage or, like Restaurant Orana, preferring to shut entirely rather than embark on any hurried fits of adaptation.

After Sunday however, those that continued were forced to embark on yet another pivot as the federal government confirmed all licensed clubs and pubs would be forced to shut, and restaurants and cafes only allowed to operate if they moved to delivery only. Dining in, it seems, is out.

For some, offering a takeout option isn’t foreign territory. For others, particularly along the finer end of the spectrum, the idea of eating the kind of fare normally saved for a significant birthday or anniversary while at home binge-watching Nordic noir or US reality TV is a curious new development. “Yes, I’m still watching,” you’ll say, brushing the Africola crumbs off your most comfortable t-shirt while smashing ‘play’ on the next episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

This latest adaptation is, of course, a difficult and sometimes heartbreaking move; for many businesses, the experience of being in their space is all part of a curated, holistic experience – not to mention an integral part of a delicately balanced business model. For others, finding a sustainable delivery model outside of certain widely-used gig economy apps will also prove a challenge (pro tip: if you do use these apps, maybe use them as a tool to find out what’s open, and then go directly to the restaurant’s website).

But for the time being, these are some of the eateries doing their best to keep going.

Jonathan VDK


4 East Terrace, Adelaide

Anchovy Bandit

96 Prospect Road, Prospect
0401 188 845

Argo on the Parade

212 The Parade, Norwood
8431 1387

Black Dog Gallery, Tusmore
Sia Duff

Black Dog Gallery

Shop 4/455 Greenhill Road, Tusmore
8333 3530

Sia Duff

Chefs On Wheels

89 Lewis Road, Glynde
8120 1866

Featuring Paul Baker (Botanic Gardens Restaurant), Bar Torino and Chianti, Terry Intarakhamhaeng (SOi 38) and Emma McCaskill (fare).


160 Hutt Street, Adelaide

Exchange Specialty Coffee

Vardon Avenue, Adelaide
0415 966 225

Golden Boy

309 North Terrace, Adelaide

Jim Dandy

37 Amherst Avenue, Trinity Gardens
8331 3381


123 Churchill Road, Prospect
7324 9902

Madre Adelaide
Sia Duff


57 Gilbert Street, Adelaide
0413 776 616

My Kingdom For A Horse

191 Wright Street, Adelaide
8410 7408

Update: My Kingdom For A Horse has now closed indefinitely

Nathan Bakes

2/39 Grenfell Street, Adelaide
0449 166 550

Sia Duff


2/160 King William Road, Adelaide
8373 2044

Sia Duff


36 Kensington Road, Rose Park
8364 1008

Jonathan VDK

Osteria Oggi

76 Pirie Street, Adelaide
8359 2525

Update: Osteria Oggi has now closed indefinitely

Parwana Afghan Kitchen
Sia Duff


124b Henley Beach Road, Torrensville
7 Ebenezer Place, Adelaide

Part Time Lover

Pilgrim Lane, Adelaide
0488 448 807

Update: Part Time Lover has now closed indefinitely

Sia Duff


319 Chalk Hill Road, McLaren Vale
8323 9762

Soi 38
Sia Duff


54 Pulteney Street, Adelaide
8223 5472

Update: Soi 38 has now closed indefinitely

Sparkke at the Whitmore
Sia Duff

Sparkke at the Whitmore

317 Morphett Street, Adelaide
7123 0808



188 Hindley Street, Adelaide
7077 3039

Jonathan VDK

The Summertown Aristologist

1097 B26, Summertown
0477 410 105

(Note: Summertown Aristologist is selling bread, vegetables and other essentials for pick-up)

This is, of course, not an exhaustive list, so if your local isn’t on here give them a call to see what the go is. Then let us know – we’re going to continue updating it for as long as this new reality lasts.


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