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Roll Up: Eight of Adelaide’s Finest Sandwiches

Roll Up: Eight of Adelaide’s Finest Sandwiches

What seems like a simple concoction of bread, meat, salad and condiments has become an art form over the years.

Reputedly invented by John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich in 1700’s England, in an effort to keep his hands clean while playing cards, the sandwich is a portable, tasty and simple meal.

As such, the humble sandwich has become a staple lunch-time meal for time-poor workers world-wide, no less in Adelaide, where sandwich slingers ply their trade across the city. Here is our selection of Adelaide’s finest sandwiches for those with little time to spare.

Lucia’s Deli – The Number 1

lucias-number-one-adelaide-review This simple sandwich counter services passers-by or those after an informal seated bite, but there’s nothing pre-made about the deli portion of Lucia’s in the Adelaide Central Market. Provisions include crusty Italian bread slathered with olive oil and stuffed with freshly sliced meats from the meat fridge (meat wall).

The Number 1 comes recommended, with thick pieces of fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, tomato and basil. They even kindly hollow out the bread a little to make room for more filling.

Abbots and Kinney – The Danwich

abbots-kinney-danwich-adelaide-review The pull factor for Abbots and Kinney’s non-typical sandwich comes from a change in carbohydrate. Replacing soft bread with flaky pastry, the marriage of a breakfast Danish and lunch sandwich make it the ultimate option for any hour (they even open at 6:30am).

Choose to have it stuffed with mushroom, spinach and smoked mozzarella or chorizo, feta and a soft boiled egg. Both are excellent.

Chicken & Pig – The Roast Pork

chicken-pig-sandwich-adelaide-review Started as a side project by the owners of Pirie Street’s Pizza e Mozzarella just up the road, Chicken and Pig uses the restaurants roaring wood ovens to roast their meats daily.

Stuffed in to freshly made bread rolls and overflowing with salads and oily herby vinegar dressings they’re not for the faint of heart. Pork is a favourite with its irresistible crunchy crackling.

Hey Jupiter – The Pork Belly & Apple Slaw

hey-jupiter-pork-belly-adelaide-review This al fresco favourite is a lovely spot to relax and watch the street go by. Their renowned pork belly sandwich with apple slaw is talked about for a reason.

Meeting all textural and flavour profiles with a crunchy salty pork belly and slightly sweet, acidic slaw, it still tastes just as good in the sun or at your desk.

Levant Eatery – The Falafel Pita

Run by the entire Al-Sweedy family (and some extra staff), this Eastern Mediterranean eatery offers quickly delivered salads and sandwich pockets by the minute. Fortunately, there’s no compromise on quality as everything has been hand made with fresh produce.

Try mum’s famous falafel in a just-baked pita pocket with pickle, salads and traditional muhammara (roast capsicum) sauce. Their service goal is a wait always less than 5 minutes.

 Pink Moon Saloon – The Pink Moon Club

pink-moon-saloon-club-adelaide-review Walk inside and the warm smell of wood smoke is instantly apparent. The rich timber clad interior and thickly stacked sandwiches from this award-winning bar will make your lunch break feel like a mountain cabin getaway.

The signature club sandwich features an array of delicious grilled things like bacon, chicken, radicchio and pulled pork. There’s a customary slice of tomato and lettuce leaf too. For health.

Yen Linh – The Combination Banh Mi

yen-linh-banh-mi-adelaide-review Of course banh mi is an obvious choice for a quick and tasty roll you can’t easily rustle up at home. But instead of the usual takeaway routine strategically avoiding bread crumbs from clinging to your clothes, have a seat at Yen Linh.

This modern Vietnamese restaurant doesn’t forget the important lunch time staple of banh mi. Served on a plate, with napkins, the mess is comfortably avoided. Choice is extended slightly further from other banh mi places with two chicken options, but everyone knows combination is king.

Hermanos Cubano – The Mexicana

hermanos-cubanos-mexicana-adelaide-review For those further from the CBD there’s a sweet little hole-in-the-wall dishing out Cuban sandwiches at Henley Beach. Run by two brothers who are also involved in Malobo, the counter services takeaways as well as the Malobo diners at Henley square.

While the Cuban sandwich is a great signature it’s the Mexicana that will have you craving seconds. Made with shredded beef, refried beans, chipotle mayo, pickled onions and cheese melted through a pressed bun, it’s the perfect lunch to digest on a beach stroll.


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