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A Guide to Adelaide's Best International Grocers

A Guide to Adelaide's Best International Grocers

In Adelaide you could eat at a restaurant from a different part of the world every day for a month if you wanted. But what about the shops? Dotted across the city are a brilliant range of international grocers stocking ingredients and products you can’t get anywhere else (except their country of origin). Here’s our pick of Adelaide’s best international grocers.


Indian Traders


345 Anzac Highway, Plympton

You won’t find any sausages here. It’s all spices, rice and dried legumes. This wonderland of Indian supply has all the things you’ll need for an authentic curry, plus the pot to cook it in. There are some fun snacks in the freezer section like vegetable stuffed roti and samosas. Don’t forget to grab a bag of “magic masala” flavoured Lays chips too.

Kim Wang Supermarket

62-63 Grote Street, Adelaide


A staple destination for elbowing and spending 10 minutes comparing types of chili oil. Kim Wang is a Chinese grocer but also stocks plenty of Japanese and Korean products – in the middle aisle closest to the front. Their instant noodle section fills a whole aisle (hint: always buy the ones with the least in stock, it means they’re popular) but if you’re after something a little more finessed, grab some pork from the butcher and a bag of fresh noodles. Don’t skimp on the herbs either, coriander is only 99 cents a bunch.

Thuan Phat


113 Days Road, Prospect

If the flavours of Southeast Asia are more appealing, head north of the CBD for all the best Vietnamese and Thai grocers. In the same centre as Yenh Linh (Croydon Park), is Thuan Phat, a large store filled with south-east Asian groceries and pre-made meals. Dried and fresh rice noodles, fermented fish paste, fresh herbs and a butcher counter will see you on your way to a next level stir fry. They also sell Vietnamese iced coffee drippers for $5.50 a pop.


SA in SA


233 Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Cowandilla

If there’s a dried meat shaped void in your life, SA in SA has the biltong to fill it. From traditional South African sausages like boewors and droewors, to flags, handbags, wine and liquor. The small shop also has a little café section to take a break or grab some advice from the shop assistant about the products.


The German Pantry


45 Mount Barker Road, Hahndorf

Unmissable as you drive down the main street in Hahndorf, this airy white store is piled high with chocolates, condiments, seasonings and smallgoods. Some of the products like mettwurst are made on site and other traditional items like kassler chops and vienna sausages are brought in.

Gaganis Warehouse


9-13 Bacon Street, Hindmarsh

Speaking of brought in, Gaganis Warehouse buys everything in extra bulk lots. The enormous warehouse is filled with delights of the Mediterranean, from Turkish coffee pots to kilogram bags of dried herbs. The deli offers traditional cheeses and signature dips like hummus and tarama. Don’t forget a $3 grilled sausage and Russian salad on pita – It gives the Bunnings BBQ a run for its money.

South America

Latino House

Warehouse pickup in Magill

A former restaurant, Latino House on Magill road has changed its game plan and is now the biggest online supplier of Latin American foods in Adelaide. Although they no longer have a proper shopfront, you can pick up orders made online at their Magill road warehouse or keep an eye out for Enfield Market appearances. Don’t live your life without having a patacone and a pony malta.

Chile Mojo


395 Magill Road, St Morris

Prefer to shop in person and not online? Check out Chile Mojo just a few doors down. If the wall of hot sauces doesn’t spark your interest then have a chat to friendly staff who can guide you through the ins and outs of traditional ingredients like masa, pozole and tomatillos.

North America



404-406 Churchill Road, Kilburn

Although it’s not exactly an American supermarket, Costco carries a few brands and products imported from the USA. Hershey’s sweets, ranch dressing, orange cheese and bagels are just a few items. On the way out, don’t forget a big fat slice of cheese pizza.

Blackebys Sweets


28 James Place, Adelaide

There’s no orange cheese here, but there’s Reese’s Pieces, poptarts, twizzlers and cinnamon toast crunch. Blackeby’s has all your American candy dreams in stock. Cereal and “sodas” are available too, and you can find it all in the building with the colourful candy man plastered façade.

Do you have a favourite international grocer here in Adelaide? Let us know in the comments below.


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