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Over the Garden Wall: Jordan Jeavons

Over the Garden Wall: Jordan Jeavons

The Happy Motel’s Jordan Jeavons spent many years of his youth at Coriole, as his dad, Russell Jeavons (Russell’s Pizza), used to run cooking classes in the gardens of the McLaren Vale winery.

Years later, Coriole, owned by the Lloyd family, is the home of Jeavons’ Here’s To Now festival, an annual music, food and wine day out held in early January.

“The Lloyd boys were always close mates and we grew up throwing pretty spectacular parties together,” Jeavons says.

“Here’s To Now grew out of that. Coriole is a very special place for me; it combines a genuine and holistic love of food, wine, music and arts in a very authentic way and in a spectacular setting.

“Whenever I cook at Coriole, whether it’s for an event or for friends, I love to go into the [kitchen] garden and see what I can find, there’s always plenty there. I have many special people who grow beautiful food for us. Anyone who chooses to grow food for a living is a hero in my book. Having an abundant garden of my own would be the dream.”

Originally a loose collective of gastronomic renegades, Happy Motel is now run by Jeavons, who has just collaborated with the Social Creative to open Superfish.

The Happy Motel made their name with infamous pop-ups such as Barrio’s Neon Lobster an events like Nebula Deluxe as well as raucous curated parties.

The influence of the food,wine and hospitality characters of McLaren Vale continues to inspire Jeavons and his Happy Motel endeavours.

“Growing up at Russell’s Pizza surrounded by the Vale’s food and wine personalities and characters certainly helped shape a sense of genuine hospitality and warmth. I was lucky to have many mentors that helped shape my interests and skills. The rustically beautiful setting of McLaren Vale certainly influenced my love for cooking outside with fire.”


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