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Adelaide’s Orana named Australia’s best restaurant

Adelaide’s Orana Named Australia’s Best Restaurant

Jock Zonfrillo’s Orana is the first restaurant outside of New South Wales and Victoria in two decades to be crowned Gourmet Traveller’s Australian Restaurant of the Year.

Orana was named the 2018 Restaurant of the Year at Gourmet Traveller’s annual Restaurant Guide Awards in Chin Chin’s new Sydney establishment last night, with four other Adelaide eateries making the top 100.

“At Orana, Zonfrillo’s intimate Adelaide restaurant, a philosophy took form in dishes where lesser-seen native ingredients and more familiar fare found a happy (and very tasty) meeting place,” Gourmet Traveller noted on the restaurant where indigenous Australian ingredients shine in a fine-dining establishment.

In a statement posted to Zonfrillo’s Facebook page, the chef paid tribute to the Orana team and reflected on the award.

“For the last 16 years I’ve been on a journey & to tell you the truth it’s one I never knew I’d have to make,” wrote Zonfrillo. “I’m saying that it’s called a journey because you cannot know what you will discover, what you will do with what you find, or what you find, will do with you. One of the things I have found is the most amazing team who don’t just work at a restaurant, they are part of something so much bigger making it OUR journey & I can’t thank them enough. I love each and every one of you, thank you so much for all the hard work, dedication & sheer tenacity involved in bringing this award home for #southaustralia”.

Ben Shewry’s Attica came in second, last year’s winner Momofuku Seiobo was third while Victoria’s Brae and Cutler & co rounded out the top five.

Other South Australian restaurants to make the top 100 of the annual restaurant awards were Magill Estate (13), Hentley Farm (50), Botanic Gardens Restaurant (54) and Africola (56).

Gourmet Traveller’s 2018 Restaurant Guide is out today with the September issue of the magazine. Huffington Post featured the top 100 on its website, which is below.

  1. Orana, SA
  2. Attica, Vic
  3. Momofuku Seiobo, NSW
  4. Brae, Vic
  5. Cutler & Co, Vic
  6. Vue de Monde, Vic
  7. Quay, NSW
  8. The Bridge Room, NSW
  9. Bennelong, NSW
  10. Bentley, NSW
  11. Rockpool Bar & Grill, NSW
  12. Sixpenny, NSW
  13. Magill Estate, SA
  14. Restaurant Hubert, NSW
  15. Igni, Vic
  16. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, Vic
  17. Automata, NSW
  18. Firedoor, NSW
  19. Ester, NSW
  20. Minamishima, Vic
  21. Aria, NSW
  22. Rockpool Bar & Grill, Vic
  23. Ormeggio, NSW
  24. Fred’s, NSW
  25. Tetsuya’s, NSW
  26. Icebergs Dining Room & Bar, NSW
  27. Urbane, Qld
  28. Estelle by Scott Pickett, Vic
  29. Flower Drum, Vic
  30. Cirrus, NSW
  31. Esquire, Qld
  32. Sean’s, NSW
  33. Café Di Stasio, Vic
  34. Provenance, Vic
  35. Fleet, NSW
  36. Grossi Florentino, Vic
  37. Aria, Qld
  38. Est, NSW
  39. Lake House, Vic
  40. Oscillate Wildly, NSW
  41. Mr Wong, NSW
  42. Spice Temple, NSW
  43. Wasabi, Qld
  44. Spice Temple, Vic
  45. Nu Nu, Qld
  46. Monopole, NSW
  47. Pilu at Freshwater, NSW
  48. Ten Minutes by Tractor, Vic
  49. LuMi, NSW
  50. Hentley Farm, SA
  51. Cumulus Inc, Vic
  52. Lûmé, Vic
  53. Woodland House, Vic
  54. Botanic Gardens Restaurant, SA
  55. Biota Dining, NSW
  56. Africola, SA
  57. Saint Peter, NSW
  58. Kisumé, Vic
  59. Embla, Vic
  60. Billy Kwong, NSW
  61. Paper Daisy, NSW
  62. Atlas Dining, Vic
  63. Wildflower, WA
  64. No 1 Bent Street, NSW
  65. Captain Moonlite, Vic
  66. Porteño, NSW
  67. Fen, Vic
  68. Anchovy, Vic
  69. Rockpool Bar & Grill, WA
  70. Queen Chow, NSW
  71. Oakridge, Vic
  72. The Press Club, Vic
  73. Tulum, Vic
  74. Lee Ho Fook, Vic
  75. Gerard’s Bistro, Qld
  76. Marion, Vic
  77. Tipo 00, Vic
  78. The Apollo, NSW
  79. Buon Ricordo, NSW
  80. Acme, NSW
  81. Yellow, NSW
  82. 10 William St, NSW
  83. Aubergine, ACT
  84. Bar Lourinhã, Vic
  85. Ides, Vic
  86. Mercado, NSW
  87. Supernormal, Vic
  88. Stanbuli, NSW
  89. Bodega 1904, NSW
  90. The Town Mouse, Vic
  91. Du Fermier, Vic
  92. Otto, NSW
  93. Monster, ACT
  94. Kenzan, Vic
  95. Three Blue Ducks, NSW
  96. Fratelli Paradiso, NSW
  97. Landscape, Tas
  98. The Dolphin Hotel, NSW
  99. The Agrarian Kitchen Eatery, Tas
  100. Lulu La Delizia, WA


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