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Rare Treat Recipe: Goolwa Pipis

Rare Treat Recipe: Goolwa Pipis

What’s better than fresh Goolwa pipis? Goolwa pipis with the right food, booze and books to accompany, as Duncan Welgemoed and Nikki Friedli sort you out.



BOOZE L’Orpheline Apple Cider 

Made with love by Karah and Corey at Tansley Farm, this cider is the perfect pipi companion. This dry drop will strip the butter from your tongue and keep you refreshed for the next spoonful.

MUSIC Johnny Cash. 

Preferably on vinyl. Preferably while already slightly drunk. Preferably while dealing with some sort of crisis of faith, which you’re busy beating into submission with butter and Goolwa pipis. I’m fine with you listening to any album you like, but personally I’d go with his Live from San Quentin album. If you haven’t stood barefoot in your front yard clutching a flagon of cider, drunk, screaming “MY NAME’S SUE! HOW DO YOU DO? NOW YOU’RE GONNA DIE!” you have yet to graduate to adulthood.

BOOK Sprawled on a rug a few nights ago, I was being fed whiskey and books by a new friend. Buried by the comfort of peathaze and glossy co ffee table books, I was sidetracked by Off the Road by Carolyn Cassady.

It’s possibly the fact that I’ve never been able to get through Kerouac, stopped Howl early, and dream about giving Neal Cassady a sharp slap that makes me love it. Vindication for years of English courses ignoring Beatnik literature. Anyway, the point being, if you’re going to spend a weekend lost in a fugue of mild substance abuse then you may as well read about people who did it with style.



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