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Rare Treat: Spicy Pork and Camel Sausages Recipe

Rare Treat: Spicy Pork and Camel Sausages Recipe

This month’s recipe comes from Africola’s new head chef Imogen Czulowski, as Duncan Welgemoed settles into his executive chef role.

Hello readers. After flipping a coin, I’ve decided to adopt Africola and have come on as their new head chef in the first part of a long-stage coup to overthrow Duncan. Don’t panic, you’ll still see that hairy-backed South African around for service, but I’ve been handed the reins to run his kitchen.

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As first act as the new dictator, I’m giving a holla to the ladies of the industry and I’ve chosen Charlotte Dalton’s 2016 Love Me Love You Semillon from the Adelaide Hills for the booze match. This is a perfect match for the accidentally phallic sausage dish; it’s a spicy ménage of plum, Africola hot sauce and charred padrons. The wine’s natural acid and sass cuts straight through the fat and heat for a crisp, clean, sensible, but not too sensible, finish. Charlotte describes this wine as playful, joyful and a little bit naughty. I would describe the dish and myself the same way.



As for the soundtrack, put M.I.A.’s Bad Girls on high rotation. What woman doesn’t like smashing this tune in the car while smashing the patriarchy like a spiral sausage on a Sunday afternoon?


Sausage ingredients

• 20g roasted cumin seeds
• 20g roasted coriander seeds
• 20g sumac
• 2 heaped spoons of fire-sauce chilli (could be substituted with a good quality fermented chilli sauce)
• 40g salt
• 10g black pepper
• 1kg pork shoulder
• 200g pork fat
• 500g camel meat

Sausage method

1. Roast spices, then grind. Add all the ingredients to diced meat. Let it sit to marinate for an hour or overnight.

2. Mince on medium

3. Make sure the meat and mincer are very cold

4. Work the sausage meat until combined

5. Use any size sausage casing depending on what size you prefer your sausage

6. Spiral and skewer

Plum chutney ingredients

• 500g plums
• 200g sugar
• 1 cup red wine
• 2 cinnamon quills
• 5 star anise
• 1 teaspoon chilli flakes
• 2 bay leaves
• 2 thyme sprigs

Chutney method

1. Cook all chutney ingredients until thick.



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