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Rare Treat: Ngeringa vegetable plate recipe

Rare Treat: Ngeringa vegetable plate recipe

All vegetables for this plate are seasonal. Africola’s vegies are grown by the lovely people at Ngeringa Farm.

Ngeringa vegetable plate recipe

Makes 4

Pan-fried baby savoy cabbage with lemon butter dressing


– 1 small cabbage cut into quarters
– 100g beurre noisette*
– 2 garlic cloves (get your hands on some Tasmanian garlic from Ngeringa Farm)
– 50mL lemon juice


1. For the cabbage, steam or blanch the cabbage until tender. Panfry with a little oil. Season with salt. Dress the cabbage with the beurre noisette* (butter dressing).

2. To make the noisette, brown the butter in a pot on low heat. It will smell like freshly baked biscuits. Grate the garlic then whisk in the lemon.

Charred banana peppers and chive dressing

– 200g banana peppers
– Olive oil
– 1 bunch of chives
– 30mL sherry vinegar

3. Chop the chives very fine; add enough olive until the mix is wet. Add sherry vinegar, let the dressing sit. Char the peppers and toss into the dressing.

Smoked yogurt leeks

– 4 baby leeks
– 100g labneh (hung yogurt)
Olive oil
Salt to season
White pepper to season

4. Char the leeks until blackened. Cut down the leeks by half and season them. Add a splash of olive oil. Smoke the leeks for roughly 20 minutes. Toss through the labneh.

Fresh radish almond sauce

– 100g almonds toasted (we use paper shell almonds)
50g roasted garlic
50mL lemon juice
– 100mL grape seed oil
20mL soy sauce

5. Blitz all of the ingredients in a blender until smooth then slowly add the oil, like a mayonnaise. Season with soy.

6. Place all on a platter ready to serve up to your friends.


A little sunshine to splash around with your veggies, we’re doing Gentle Folk’s new Positive Vibrations Pinot Noir Rosé. It’s more delicately textured than an ‘80s mullet with a fun raspberry zip at the back. It’s the perfect farewell to the end of a long summer.


Sexy Rosé needs sexy music. Go for Solange’s 2016 stomper of an album, Seat at the Table. It’s smooth and cool and bright and airy and a little bit political. It’s great for any post- WOMADelaide blues you might be nursing. Would recommend while eating the cabbage with your hands, staring at the sunset, and drinking the Rosé straight out the bottle while listening to Cranes in the Sky..


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