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South Australia records zero active cases of COVID-19

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Today South Australia reached an encouraging milestone with zero active cases of COVID-19 in the state.

The state has been close to reaching this point for several days, with no new cases identified since last Thursday, and a further fortnight without any new cases before that. While one person remains in hospital recovering from the effects of the virus, 345 of the state’s 349 cases have now fully recovered.

“That means that 99 per cent of people who have had COVID-19 in our state have recovered,” Chief Public Health Officer Professor Nicola Spurrier explained in today’s briefing. “Unfortunately it will not get to 100 per cent, we have to remember that we have had four deaths from this terrible disease.

“I am very excited today to be able to provide this news, but what I would like to say is that as we’re easing the restrictions, it is no time for complacency,” Spurrier continued. Social distancing and vigilant hygiene practices, she explained, continue to be of great importance particularly as the state begins to roll back some of the restrictions that have been in place since March.

While Spurrier was optimistic that South Australia may yet avoid a second major wave of the virus, the possibility of new cases entering the state despite border restrictions remained a risk with an estimated 33,000 people crossing the border since restrictions were put in place.

Hygiene and social distancing, therefore, remains the best defence for limiting the spread of any isolated cases throughout the community, as the example of last week’s new case – an elderly new arrival who lived with the virus for 46 days before detection, but had contact with just a handful of people – demonstrated.

South Australia’s campaign of widespread testing has now reached 76,000 completed tests, with Spurrier encouraging anyone experiencing even the slightest symptoms to seek testing. “If you get even the touch of a sniffle, I don’t want you going out in public – don’t take public transport, don’t go to work, don’t go to school, tell your mum ‘I’m not well today mum’. Go and get a COVID-19 test done.”

Yesterday Victoria recorded 21 new cases and Queensland identified 2, while today New South Wales recorded 8 new cases.

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