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WOMADelaide’s Planet Talks Program Announced

WOMADelaide’s Planet Talks Program Announced

The future of humanity, religion and preserving Indigenous culture are some of the vital topics to be discussed by global and Australian experts at next year’s Planet Talks program as part of WOMADelaide’s 25th anniversary event in March.

The talks will feature Carmel Johnston, crew commander of the University of Hawaii’s year-long Mars simulation mission, geographer and creator of Karen O’Brien and Sir Tim Smit, the founder of the eco-tourism destination the Eden Project.

Johnston will discuss how colonising Mars with benefit Earth with Australia’s remaining Mars One (the organisation that wants to land the first humans on Mars and establish a permanent colony on the planet in a decade’s time) candidate Josh Richards while the ABC’s Robyn Williams will host.

Carmel Johnston will discuss Earth’s benefits from Mars colonisation

CEO of iFixit Kyle Wiens will be on a panel to discuss using waste as a resource with Professor Veena Sahajwalla (ex-New Inventors judge) and Nicholas Chileshe from the University of South Australia.

Religion and climate change action will be conversed in a multi-faith discussion led by Father Bob Maguire, UniSA’s Professor Mohamad Abdalla, Rabbi Johnathan Keren-Black and Philippa Rowland.

planet-talks-womadelaide-adelaide-reviewRabbi Johnathan Keren-Black will discuss faith and climate change

A discussion on the value of preserving and learning from more than 40,000 years of Indigenous knowledge and languages will feature Miriam Corowa (ABC), Lewis Yerloburka O’Brien (Kaurna elder), Veronica Perrule Dobson (Arrernte elder), Ethnoecologist Fiona Walsh and singer Zaachariaha Fielding (Electric Fields).

March 10 to March 13

Header image: Tim Smit, founder of eco-tourism destination the Eden Project

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