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Five Ways to Score Cheap Fringe Tickets

Five Ways to Score Cheap Fringe Tickets

If you’re feeling the pinch post-Christmas and don’t want to miss out on Fringe fun, here are a few ways to have your cake and eat it too.

1. Sign up for Fringe Membership

(photo: Trentino Priori)

Through this you’ll get discounts, VIP access, express lines for ticket collection and even access to a members lounge at selected locations. The membership costs $19.95 but if you’re seeing a few shows it will quickly pay for itself. The program is replacing Trev (previously known as Fringe Benefits), which offered discounted tickets in years past. If you were a Trev member in 2016 then you’re in luck! Just log in through the sign in page with your Trev details to receive free fringe membership for 2017.

2. Trawl Halftix Daily

five-ways-cheap-tickets-adelaide-fringe-2017-trentino-priori(photo: Trentino Priori)

Each year at festival launch, there’s a service that also launches and manages to slide under the radar. It’s called “halftix” and you sign up for it using the check box “receive half-price ticket deals” when registering for the enewsletter through the Adelaide Fringe website.

Every morning throughout Fringe a list will be mailed to your inbox with all the shows that are offering half price tickets that night. You’ll have to be on the ball because tickets are only available to purchase between 12pm and 3pm. Often there will be a handful of big names and plenty of fun smaller shows. Worth the gamble at half the cost.

3. See late night shows

(photo: Tony Virgo)

Especially on weeknights, there are always cheaper tickets for shows mid-week or in unfavourable timeslots. If you have a flexible schedule it’s a great way to save some pennies. For a feel of New York’s Comedy Cellar, there’s Phatcave. A late night ticket gets you a seat in a surprise rotation of comedy acts. Fringe performers will come and test material, and you might even see big names like Alex Williamson or Sam Simmons.

4. Hang out in the Rundle area

(photo: Kevin Godfrey)

Ticket spruikers are always about in the Rundle Mall and Rundle Street areas during fringe time. If you’re wandering mid-week during the day you might be lucky enough to score a free ticket. For quiet periods it’s better that the seats get filled than performing to a half empty theatre, so occasionally artists will do some donating for exposure and vibe.

5. Take a friend for free day

(photo: Kevin Godfrey)

On Friday February 17th BankSA and Channel 9, are teaming up to provide free tickets to a handful of shows. The promotion is limited to participating shows that launch on the 17th, which brings the number down to a small selection of 79. Just buy two tickets at the checkout online and select the promotion for them to discount down to 1.

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