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What's on?
Good question.

Comida at Roxie's
Sia Duff

These are strange times.

The never-ending news cycle can feel paralysing, while ever-changing COVID-19 government safety measures and calls for ‘social distancing’ have ushered in a wave of event cancellations and closures around the country. One way or another, Adelaide life is going to be a little different for the foreseeable future, but in the short-term it can be difficult to know what’s still okay to do.

In past crises, we could usually rely on the occasional concert, dinner with friends, or night at the theatre, to provide some distraction or clarity. At the moment, not so much.

The Adelaide Review has always strongly supported the arts, which means our pages are often filled with reviews, features and commentary on events around the city. Presently, not only are many of the events listed in our online guide now cancelled or postponed, but we also face the question of whether, amid growing calls for ‘social distancing’, it’s responsible to be encouraging people to leave the house for entertainment or extra-curricular activities at all.

But as the summer’s fires proved South Australians are a resourceful bunch. We’re already adapting, making changes and finding ways to support local industries, and have a nice time without putting ourselves or anyone else at undue risk.

We’ll keep bringing you stories about the artists, performers, thinkers and producers enriching our city and country, and the ways you can engage with and support their work, perhaps without necessarily going out to a gig or an exhibition. Some of the stories we’ll tell will have zip to do with the current health crisis, because sometimes that’s important too.

So thanks for reading, and keep reading. But most of all stay safe, and take care of each other – even if that means keeping well away.

– Walter Marsh, Digital Editor

Start 13 March 2020
End 1 July 2020

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Never miss an event! Get our Event Guide in your inbox