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Sia Duff

Hot 100 Wines South Australia is back, and it’s been a wild ride between drinks.

South Australian winemakers have endured a lot since we last came together in December to celebrate the 100 most drinkable South Australian wines.

First, the Black Summer bushfires that swept through key winemaking regions in the Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island. Then, the onset of a global pandemic that forced wineries and cellar doors to shut down, right at the start of vintage.

To be honest, amidst all that upheaval we weren’t even sure if there should be a Hot 100 in 2020. But, as we heard from more and more winemakers, it was clear that the will was there – not even climate emergencies and viral outbreaks can quell this industry’s desire to put the best of themselves into the bottle each year.

So here we are: 2020 is on.

Hot 100 Wines 2019/20 winners Shut The Gate Wines
Sia Duff
Hot 100 Wines 2019/20 winners Shut The Gate Wines

The entry portal is open, and our judges are getting ready to taste their way through whatever drops you feel most proud of this year. Of course, they may not be the latest vintage – that is up to you. Some things take time. And some may not have managed to make any wine this year, but we stand ready to celebrate whatever you can put forward.

If there is one thing that the challenges of 2019/20 have made clear, it’s the fact that when things get tough South Australian winemakers, and wine drinkers, will band together to make sure everyone makes it through to the other side.

This is why we have chosen Reunion as our theme for this year’s Hot 100 Wines South Australia. We may not have seen as much of each other in the past eight months, but by coming together to celebrate the best in South Australian winemaking, we hope to find the silver – or red, or white – lining of this tumultuous year.

For further information regarding this year’s Hot 100 wines, key dates, downloadable forms and links to submit your wines head to

If you need help getting your submission in or any other queries, contact us at or 08 7129 1060 for further details

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